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Reasons Your SEO Campaign Will Fail and What You Can Do About It

Low budget and high expectations are the common reasons for an SEO campaign's failure. Surprisingly, there have been wrong perceptions about the expectations of customers and instead of preferring data; assumptions are the foundation of every decision.

If you are managing the campaign yourself, it is okay or if a professional is working for you, it is good. You just need to ask the following questions to make sure the success of your campaign.

Are your goals realistic?

Unrealistic goals bring disappointment. For your SEO campaign, do not set unrealistic goals. For instance, by offering right of the gate, for your every product and service, you expect to dominate Bing and Google. You will taste failure for every such expectation. For achieving success, incrementally, make your goals realistic. For instance, many organizations or businesses can offer several products or services. If you are doing such type of business then you can expect high ranking for every offered product. Logically, you will have to focus one product at a time; hence, one product or service can be optimized and after success, you can switch to another product or service.

Are your budget and timeframe realistic?

This has been main hindrance for achieving success. Unrealistic budget and timeframe regarding SEO campaign can ruin the results. With low investment, they want immediate results. In this regard, you can contact an SEO expert because he/she can tell you the realistic timeframe and its required budget, for your type of business. You should expect a huge budget and a greater timeframe, if you are doing business in a competitive industry. On the contrary, if you do not want to invest according to the volume of your industry and you want to do it in a hurry then your SEO expert will be unable to produce desired results. SEO professional requires sufficient time for testing and adjustments to make the campaign successful on long-term basis.

Have you selected the most appropriate keywords?

The failure of an SEO campaign happens due to the wrong keywords selection. It is better to choose a professional SEO company because they will do extensive keyword search and then choose the right key words. If you think, you know the search thinking of your customers and select keywords on this assumption then your campaign is without right key words because you are working without the verification of real data.

Is your campaign able to deliver the right traffic?

Your wrong key words selection suggests that you are unsuccessful in delivering sufficient or the right traffic to your website. You can look at the bounce rate regarding organic search traffic and this you can do this by a quick sniff test. It will ascertain whether your campaign is delivering the right traffic to your website or not. For organic search visitors, a high bounce rate shows that they are searching something but their visits are not consistent that means they are searching something that you do not offer. To understand the type of visitors such as referral visit or direct visit is important is important for determining the organic visitors bounce rate. If you understand your visitors, you can easily make significant decisions. However, if all types of visitors are visiting in large numbers that show a high bounce rate means you are facing a big problem of address of your website.

Does your website have the qualities of a professional website?

A professional website engages the visitors and every successful campaign requires a professional website. For a success of a campaign, the engagement of visitors is highly important. By engaging the visitors, you can hope for conversions and business. Both are the sign of a successful campaign. An unprofessional website harms the reputation of your product and brand; it does not have the potential to engage the visitors. You can check your website by notifying the following features:

  • Positive or negative feedback from customers
  • For smart-phone, desktop, and top, is your website user-friendly
  • Intuitive navigation structure
  • Its professional design
  • Is it modern or outdated?

Do your customers care about your written content?

Disengagement of customers and insufficient conversion exhibit, you are unable to answer the questions of prospective customers. Writing to appeal search engines is not the right strategy. You must develop a content strategy that can satisfy the questions and concerns of your customers. This will be appreciated by the prospective customers and most probably, they would become regular paying customers.