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How to Track Down Expert SEO Consultants In Singapore

With SEO Services becoming such an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy for their website, the market is becoming increasingly saturated with SEO consultants who all claim to be the experts within Singapore SEO. With so many competing companies who all claim to perform the same high quality, professional work, how do you distinguish between them?

SEO is only the beginning of your Company’s overall web marketing strategy and it is certainly not ‘one size fits all’ procedure. It needs to be tailored to your specific industry and needs. Just because your website is optimised for search engines it doesn’t mean it will attract visitors, nor conversions, that is, sales or leads.

You type in any search engine ‘SEO Consultant Singapore’ and you will see an array of companies offering you the same thing. Here are the key factors you should look for when identifying which company can deliver you the highest quality SEO work:

  • Reputable Company
    How big are they? How big is their team? It shouldn’t be one person dealing with SEO that will slow down your project due to the simple fact that the amount of man-hours they can provide to your project will be less compared to a larger team. You should inspect their experience across various industries, the length of experience within each industry and their length of experience in all. Do they have a solely in-house team? In which case you would be rest-assured of a close working relationship between those working on your project rather than outsourcing work, for example SEO Copywriting.

  • Feedback and Samples
    When choosing a company you should not sign any contract without seeing a breadth of their past work, ideally from the industry your company belongs to. The results they promise you should be reflected in their past results. Most companies provide on their website testimonials, however search around for online reviews of companies to confirm that they have received positive feedback. Ideally you would have been referred to the SEO Company.

  • Excellent Research Methodology
    What is their initial research methodology? The first stage of SEO is an in-depth competitive analysis. You should be entirely satisfied that the company’s research methods are adequate and will successfully determine which keywords will be the target of your optimisation effort.

  • Clear Sales Policy

    Are their SEO packages clear and well explained? Ensure you won’t get any cost surprises at a later date. No false promises! This should include continuous maintenance and monitoring, as SEO is no one off event!

Follow these 4 stages of choosing an SEO company to ensure you receive the best possible SEO Services from SEO Consultants and see your business benefit.